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On Friday, November 14th the class sailed to Teti'aroa, the atoll known for having been purchased by Marlon Brando after filming Mutiny on the Bounty. The islands are very isolated from any other land and are only a few feet above sea level so unfortunately the whole atoll will be gone in the fairly near future. The island is a biologically fascinating place. Islands unspoiled by introduced rats are coated in seabirds and their young.

The atoll is also fascinating and beautiful underwater. Because it's so isolated and because the reef is so long and deep, there's a lot of very rare and uncommon fish. Unfortunately, this year when they were finishing building the insanely expensive hotel, the Brando ($3800 per night for the cheapest room), they blasted a hole in the reef to allow for ships to enter and exit the lagoon. The health of the reef has dropped significantly since then. Hopefully it's capable of adjusting and rebounding.


One final image to leave you with:

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